Aman Swetta.

Aman Swetta


A thinker, creator, and visionary at the core, Aman’s experiences of studying acting, filmmaking & script writing, and his work experiences of conceptualizing, creating and building a spiritual community, through a digital and media convergence platform has helped him develop an eye for the extraordinary. His strength lies in understanding and creating brand and amplification value for his clients.

He believes that alignment results from shared goals and collaboration results from shared measures of success. Featured in premium magazines, Aman is a member of the Forbes Business Council, New York where he regularly shares his expert opinion and insights on latest trends and innovations in digital marketing and branding. Aman is instrumental in developing successful IPs for the company. Always on the outlook for innovation and delivering the best, Aman is an influencer and a motivator who continuously is looking for newer ways to enhance the customer experience through digital.

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