Performance Marketing.

Adrenaline for your presence

Performance Marketing is the evolution  of traditional communication. What previously was capturing a prestigious location and Ad Spot has now become getting into a Social Media Feed or at the top of a Search Engine Results Page.

A good Performance Marketing strategy is Integrated

Investing with no returns is a wasted effort. Similarly, reaching the top of a SERP means nothing if a click leads to something the audience does not expect or want. 
When a brand employs Performance Marketing, it must have a presence worth amplifying. 
At id8, we strengthen this base, while developing a research-driven strategy.

Investing for Returns

Investing for a Purpose

Performance Marketing drives leads and conversions. It catapults a brand from unknown to essential. These results come only from relevant research and targeting. 

We identify your brand’s audience and channel this research into our Search Engine Marketing and Pay-per-click activations.

Performance Marketing with id8

id8 implements relevant performance marketing strategies for all that a brand does. Social Media Advertising consistently boosts engagement, Search Engine Marketing keeps a website on top and Pay-per-click ensures e-commerce stays fresh and consistent.

How does Performance Marketing Work?

The following steps are involved in an effective campaign

Business Research
Keyword Research
Build PPC Advertise
Landing Pages
Track, Measure, Report
Optimize Advertise