Internet, a vital platform for Educational Institutions

With 4.95 billion users worldwide, the internet has become the primary source for people to search for information. It’s pertinent to note that the most dominant and active group on the internet today is the student community.  Today’s Generation Z students are digital natives, which influences the way they interact with the world. Gen Z is used to putting time into research in order to make an informed decision which is especially the case for an investment as significant as higher education. Research indicates that over 78% of students relied on internet research before enrolling in a school or college.

Furthermore, education today is no longer about being physically present at your institute. As new skills are introduced into the workplace, several employees are turning to distant education to update their skills or learn new ones. Online learning, or distance education is offered through a variety of means, including websites, mobile apps, email, telephones, and more.

As the education space evolves to become more complex and technologically driven, the hyper-connected nature of students makes education a highly competitive space where it’s important for you to build your credibility and presence online. The right digital marketing channels are exceedingly important to connect with your potential audience and drive in business.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services for Educational Institutions

 92% of students in America use some form of Social media as a platform to create, share or exchange information and connect with others on a global scale. Students use the internet to research the quality of education, accommodation, hostel facilities, transportation facilities, school timings, faculty, extracurricular activities etc . Along with students, parents too are heavily invested to make an informed decision.A strong and sound digital marketing strategy helps you leverage your institute to this vast and active online audience. Digital marketing is quick, efficient, measurable and customizable to convey a promotional message to your target audience. It is cost effective and gives you a higher ROI on your marketing dollars.

Our Digital marketing firm adopts a 360 degree approach to help you maximize your reach, enhance your visibility, build credibility around your brand,  and optimize lead conversions. We leverage your most critical offerings through social media campaigns that set you apart from your competition and create the right impression on students and parents who are researching during the application season.

Services we offer

Get more organic traffic to your website

With search engines being the most utilized tool to seek information, a sound SEO strategy is a crucial tool to ranking highly on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). High ranking on SERP means greater visibility, more clicks, more traffic to your website and more revenue. Our team of digital marketing experts customize proven SEO roadmaps using rich-quality content, keyword insertion, technical optimization, along with the generation of backlinks to ensure a strong online presence and increased traffic. With years of strategic experience in SEO optimization, we offer expert guidance to educational institutions who are seeking organic search traffic and higher rank positions on SERP.

Boost lead conversions through a high performing website

As the online face of your educational institute , your website plays a significant role in whether a potential student will enroll in your institution or not. Your website should build a connect with your target audience, share all the information students are looking for regarding your institute such as the campus , culture, courses, faculty , accommodations, fee structure, extracurriculars, alumni etc, to help build credibility around your institute. At the same time it should be attractive, engaging and up to date with current design trends . At our website designing consultancy, we design websites with a fresh and clean interface which are particularly engaging for students, and help you offer all relevant information in an easy to navigate format. Our SEO optimization plans help you rank highly on SERP and stay ahead of your competitors.   

Build a connect with your wide audience base on social media

Students spend most of their waking hours on social media, making it a  powerful platform to tap into your key audiences. A strong and effective social media campaign will propel you to the top slot when it comes to students’ consideration for enrollment. Our team of social media marketing doyens are specialized in designing creative, smart and effective social media campaigns that help you build a dialogue with prospective students, gain more followers and build trust around your brand. We offer you a wide format of rich and engaging SEO optimized content customized for different channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Linkedin, which are measured and modified to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your website and create value addition to your institute.

Connect with student in a unique voice of your own

With today’s students being digitally-savvy, they are constantly seeking out organizations that align with their beliefs and values. The right branding that clearly reflects your strengths, values, culture and mission helps convey what you stand for and differentiate you from the clutter. At our brand management agency, we take creative branding very seriously and begin by understanding your brand legacy and defining the quality of experience at your institute. Our branding for your educational institute cohesively reflects your attributes through all your content, design, logo, colors and all communication. Our brand development services help you stand out amidst the crowded marketspace, make a strong first impression and boost enrollment.

Tap your audience through engaging content

A content marketing strategy is not just about posting content online. Curating the right content that will appeal to your target audience, show up in search results through keyword insertions, boost your brand image and show your area of expertise and grow your following online, ultimately leading to conversions is what a content marketing strategy should do for your institute. Our content marketing firm will design effective content marketing plans by developing creative , engaging and relevant content for different social media portals such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and more. We conduct research on what students are looking for and think out of the box to curate reels, stories, podcast, blogs, videos, visuals etc that are informative, interesting and engaging and click with your key audience, to build their trust and boost your follower base , offering value addition to your brand. 

Performance marketing

Design Advertising cost-effective Ad campaigns where you only pay for leads

Pay per click (PPC) is an essential digital marketing strategy which provides instant results and lead generation, as well as improves visibility. With more competition than ever in the education field, and with everyone trying to advertise online, it can be much harder to get noticed. Before you run any PPC advertising, its important to understand who you are going to target. Do you want to attract students looking for a unique curriculum or specific  courses?At our digital Advertising agency, we help you target the right audience and bid on the correct keywords to ensure that your PPC ads return quality leads. We help you optimize your PPC campaign through audience targeting, demographics and keyword bidding.

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