Instagram is the preferred choice of social platform for millennials and GenZ, it is also gaining popularity amongst other age groups because of its user interface of visually appealing photos and videos. Instagram stories allow you to reach a much wider audience than just the people that follow you or your brand. Over 1 billion people are active on Instagram, making it the perfect option for advertising products and increasing brand engagement.

 id8 media solutions helps our clients advertise creative content and ad formats on Instagram to boost audience growth, sell products, get more leads, and boost brand awareness. We can also integrate your Instagram campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager to gain access to targeting options and optimizations. Our social media marketing team streamlines your ad management, so you know exactly what works and what kind of results we help you achieve.

If you are a new business, an established business or someone who is thinking of starting a business, Instagram is a must do for your marketing plan. Our team at id8 media solutions can help you plan your Instagram feed, visual look and feel, hashtag strategy, Instagram following and creative ad campaigns for your business.




The first step towards launching a Business Instagram page is to design the proposition or Strategy. The base of designing any strategy is deep research of your business. Our Instagram Management team will learn more about your business through a questionnaire, call meetings, and rooted analysis. The information thus gained will be used to develop a plan and help you to accomplish your goals.  


To reflect a positive image of your brand, the content posted on your business page should deliver the quality and brand language. After your approval of the strategy, our experts will begin creating your content. You can expect unique copywriting, creative pictures, engaging posts. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide you monthly content calendar which keeps you updated with the kind of work is happening.


Enhancing the growth of your Instagram page means to get more followers and engagements. The platform has become a ‘pay to play’ platform because of the presence of abundant brands. Our team helps you optimize the growth of your social media platform. We use growth techniques which involve levering paid advertising campaign. We help you to boost your page for better accomplishments.


Marketing your business on Instagram is no doubt a necessary job to do. Launching a page and boosting it for selected demographics is another. But, the most important task is to engage and interact with your audience. Our Instagram Media Manager is always there to engage with your customers and monitor the activities.


Measuring your results is the last step of any promoting process. Our team works closely on each step and delivers an analytical report to client. Sharing monthly comprehensive report helps client to take effective decisions. In addition, monthly meetings are schemed to communicate further plans and strategies.