LinkedIn is the platform that focuses on business to business (B2B) marketing, especially for businesses that are looking to increase their visibility as a great place to work, showcase their expertise and be considered as an industry voice.

LinkedIn is extremely effective and targeted towards professionals across all realms of professions and business. The social media marketing team at id8 media solutions can help you create your LinkedIn campaign from scratch, help you build a strong follower base, increase your share of voice across topical conversations and strengthen your company profile.

LinkedIn advertising is effective in situations where you are looking to broadcast big news from your company and announce a new offer or service that you are providing to your customer. LinkedIn advertising is a great resource to scout potential talent for your company.




To market, your products/services to customers/businesses need a strategy. id8 has experienced marketers who know the importance of connecting your brand with customers. We research and discover your brand. Information is then being used to design the LinkedIn Marketing plan. We ideate and develop a strategy to achieve an organization’s goals.


To reflect a positive image of your brand, the content posted on your business page should deliver the quality and brand language. After your approval of the strategy, our experts will begin creating your content. You can expect professional, data-driven engaging posts. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide you a monthly content calendar which keeps you updated with the kind of work is happening.


In b2b, LinkedIn Marketing and promotion is king. Promotion is basically focused on bringing qualified leads through the door. Our LinkedIn marketers understand the significance of leads. We work on organic as well as paid marketing tactics for lead generation. After all, leads become customers, customers become revenue. We help you to boost your page for better accomplishments.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engagement on LinkedIn is not that easy. You have to work more to create a two-way conversation. id8 Media Solutions have experienced LinkedIn marketers who increase your engagement effectiveness to achieve your business goals. To make your company page an inviting space, we encourage user interaction. Asking a question or inviting the discussion from your followers are some activities we follow to increase your engagement.


Measuring your results is the last step of any promoting process. Our team works closely on each step and delivers an analytical report to the client. Sharing a monthly comprehensive report helps a client to take effective decisions. In addition, monthly meetings are schemed to communicate further plans and strategies.